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About Us


About Digital Devices Ltd.

Long before Apple set an average consumers mindset to replacing their hand held gadgets in two years, Digital Devices Ltd believed in Moore’s law that computing will double every two years. With our heritage from the days of IBM Personal Computer XT, our founders have gone through the technology advancements of the 1990’s and 2000’s realizing that technology is an instrumental part of any business’s success. With such a fast pace industry, an IT department can never be equipped with the tools and training needed to maintain their competitive edge.

Hence, Digital Devices has put together a team of engineers and vendor partners to keep up with the latest industry trends and recommend clients on various solutions and options available to them. From forming close relationships with networking and storage vendors like Juniper, Solarwinds and VMWare to high performance computing by AWS Cloud solutions, Digital Devices offers the latest technology solutions to fit the ever growing needs of the industry. Our experts can guide you through the specifications and build cost efficiencies while providing high end, state of the art customer services.



Digital Devices Ltd. strives to build long-term, trusted relationships with all of our clients and vendors. Many of our existing customers are more than just customers, but have been our partners for decades. Our clients know that we put their interests first and that we do our best to continuously enhance customer experience. As an organization, we gauge our success in terms of the impact we make for our customers and are proud of their feedback in terms of reviews. We do not publicize our work for our clients. We believe in honor: we will only take an engagement if we believe we can create significant value for our customer.


Over The Last 30 Years, Digital Devices Ltd. Has Established Our Business Across the United States, Europe, MENA And Australia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We proactively work for sustainability and our actions make a difference every day.

As an IT infrastructure solution provider, our carbon footprint is relatively low, yet, our offices have taken steps to reduce our environmental waste. With initiatives including the widespread adoption of video-conference mode of communication to avoid unnecessary travel, and operating out of energy efficient buildings, Digital Devices Ltd is doing all that it can to prevent unnecessary pollution.

"Green teams" in our offices develop and implement the initiatives mentioned above. Our green team supports our offices and functions as they initiate projects to establish infrastructure and processes that will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

The global economy is undergoing a dramatic shift as emerging economies take on an increasingly significant role in economic growth. Digital Devices Ltd. believes that expansion should be accompanied by sustainable, profitable growth benefiting both the company while also contributing to the environment.