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Oil & Gas Industry | Case Study


Executive Summary:

The company makes a leap from old fashioned Peer-to-Peer IT network to the state of the art client/server based IT setup.

The story of success in any realm is not complete without state of the art IT setup. It is the need of the day to have most advanced IT infrastructure to succeed in this fast paced and ever changing corporate world.

The Oil and Gas industry was facing severe IT associated problems which included unstable network, vulnerability to cyber-attacks and data loss. After a detailed analysis, it was identified that the old peer-to-peer based IT system was primarily responsible for these shortcomings. Peer-to-peer networks are less secure and also have problems with resource sharing. Very often the setup encountered problems accessing workstations and loose data due to viruses or spyware.

Eventually, in the year 2016, the management decided to replace the longstanding IT infrastructure with a client/server based network. Digital Devices rose up to the challenge and provided a comprehensive solution that comprised of industry leading Cisco Servers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, network switch components and stacking modules. This solution would eventually cater to the needs of workforce of around 200 people and complied with the requirement of the Board of Directors. The project was delivered in stipulated time frame to ensure maximum benefits to our client.

About the Client:

Oil and Gas Organization is one of the most prominent in Oil & Gas sector and the leaders of the country’s E&P (Exploration and Production) sector. The company is the local market leader in terms of reserves, production and assets. The management is all set to ride the waves of E&P activity with a debt free and robust balance sheet and strong cash reserves.

The Challenges:

The company had an extensive history of poor internal communication issues due to lack of a centralized computer server. The need of the day was to put in a server with greater capacity and capability to handle the organizational data traffic and auto backup system. The primary focus was to have a central data base which would enable them to store terabytes of data with ease of access to e-mail, internal Web sites and network files.

One of the challenges was interconnecting the employees of different departments from different vicinities and to have an integrated wireless network.

Moreover, they required a more reliable and security-enhanced infrastructure comprising of built-in firewall protection and security-enhanced remote access to help prevent unauthorized users from intruding the network. The management wanted to put in a system which was sustainable for a longer period of time as storage requirement was increasing at a pace of 16.2 % per annum.


After detailed analysis of the prevailing situation, Digital Devices offered a comprehensive road map including deployment of Cisco servers, Switches and Wireless Access Points. New Server installation will allow the company to set up new computers, add new users and deploy new applications with ease and allowed IT administrator to gain remote access to the system to resolve any issues.

Digital Devices used the following products to improve the system capacity and proficiency.

- Cisco Server – A server with massive storage:

We installed Cisco UCS SmartPlay server which could support up to 1536 GB of storage. UCS rack servers fit easily into an existing server environment and offer the choice of using our leading "wire-once" SingleConnect Technology or using traditional Ethernet connectivity.

- Cisco Switches– Secure Digital Networking:

We opted for Cisco 48 Ports and 24 Ports switches and installed 5 switches that would cater to the needs of 200 employees. The switches can be powered through Ethernet so no separate power cable had to be installed which saved time and hassle.

- Cisco Wireless Access Points – Wireless Networking:

Digital Devices picked Cisco Wireless Access Points that are becoming indispensable part of modern workplace. The new access points allowed the users to have reliable connections at higher speeds and allowed up to 450 Mbps data transfer rates.


The challenge was to convince the management that they needed a strong network deployment to gain long term benefits. After the successful completion of the project the Chief Technology Officer of the company regarded our services with following words, “With Digital Device’s expertise on-board we’ve gained real value to support the on-going growth, development and success of our business. It has increased our productivity and reduced our downtime to absolute zero”.

The installed Server supercharged the network and allowed to store large chunks of data, freeing up memory and enabling individual PCs to perform better. With a network server, all of the users on the network can make use of various network resources right from their desks, increasing efficiency.

We helped to enhance their network control by improving sustainability and optimizing the bandwidth. Digital Devices empowered the IT administrator to monitor, manage and track all of their IT bandwidth using Cisco Servers, Switches and Wireless Access Points.

Accomplished Objectives:

The company sought to have a hassle free wireless networking system. By employing Cisco Wireless Access points we were able to reduce 5% of their IT cost and it also reduced downtime. Moreover, each installed Switch provided 10 Gig Uplink that allowed for faster data transfer and allowed for 25% in computing efficiency. The total cost was reduced by using Cisco Servers and Cisco switches which accelerates user connections and consumes less mobile device battery power than competing solutions.

About Digital Devices:

Digital Devices specialize in procurement of IT equipment, IT security, Data backup and continuity, data virtualization, networking, cabling and network scalability consulting. We have performed various server installations over the years and have gained trust of our prestigious clients.

We possess extensive technical knowledge and expertise in deployment, migration and supporting server solutions. We’re extremely proud of our high end customer portfolio and we have served clients in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East South America and Africa.