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Network Monitoring


Industries rely on their network and telephony systems for everyday communications. Slow performance and unavailability of the systems can impact the business. Continuous monitoring is an effective tool which enables us to find problems as they occur and resolve them before they affect your business objectives.

Digital Devices Ltd. proudly presents its award-winning 24 x 7 network monitoring services, enabling us to screen the network and speed up resolution time. As soon as a problem occurs, we can alert you through emails, SMS, phone – whatever your preferred method of contact is. Request time and downtime are constantly recorded and you can compile a report at any given time.

This Monitoring system is highly recommended for the client interested in safeguarding their businesses - available round the clock, the client is covered by our SLA Support Contract. SLA Support contract is based on the number of servers, PCs, handsets, control units and hardware on customer premises.

Real - Time Network Monitoring Benefits:

  • Allows us to independently monitor your systems.
  • Enables us to run on-demand reports 24 x 7 and throughout the year.
  • We can assign a login to a user from your business.
  • Independently create network alarm triggers and send notification emails and text messages.
  • Eliminate routine, repetitive and costly tasks and increase resolution time.

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