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Education Case-study


The Customer:

University was established in early 1950’s and since then the institution has progressed leaps and bounds. As of now it is one of the most reputed educational institutions of the world and have produced countless engineers, IT professionals and business executives. It has been enlisted in the top 20 universities of the world by The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).


One of the challenges faced by the university administration was ever growing internet and data storage needs. IT infrastructure was being challenged with requirement of more internet bandwidth and data storage capacity for over 500 professors, student bodies and researchers. Keeping that in view, a sustainable solution was required which could cater to the ever growing needs of the institution. After a detailed assessment of the situation it was identified that organizational level network enhancement was required with a tight implementation schedule and limited funding.

Another very critical challenge was IT security. The Institute had gone through DOS and malware attacks in the past and the management could not allow the students information to be breached at any cost. To prevent from a hacking attack, they required quality data storage hardware that could provide AES encryption, 2Step verification, IP block & allow list, Antivirus packages, firewall, and DoS attack prevention.

The Solution:

The institution required a high performance server that consists of advanced processors and hard disks. Digital Devices opted for DELL Servers which are among the best servers in the world.

Moreover, Digital Devices provided centralized technical support during and after the installation of the new equipment. The application of DELL servers, switches and Synology data storage devices, allowed the users to handle complex services like application hosting, backup and storage, database administration, desktop virtualization, source code control, deployment and system administration.

Following details show the products Digital Devices used to improve the system capacity and proficiency.

- Synology NAS Server:

Synology NAS Server allows large scale businesses to consolidate storage into data center storage arrays. Information is stored with a high level of data integrity, while providing flexible and efficient data protection tools.

- DELL Servers and Switches–Reliability at its best:

The proposed setup by Digital Devices also included the high quality and cost effective Switches, Wireless Access points, network switch components and stacking modules.

As the power of applications, processors, memory adapters and storage devices increase, it burdens the network which can be resolved by employing a quality server. DELL Generation 9 servers and Switches were installed to meet the ever increasing data networking needs of the institution.


After the implementation of the new IT equipment the University IT administration calculated 14% increase in workload performance of business-critical applications that enhanced professional growth. Moreover, downtime of the network saw considerable decrease of up to 60% .Organizational revenues grew by 10 % within a quarter of new network deployment as cost of product purchases and IT consulting fees were considerably reduced.


The users can now rely on the unmatched Server quality of DELL to ensure maximum productivity. Improvement was immediately observed by the consumers which was due to the server which provided flexibility and scalability – but in a smaller foot print and at a lower entry price.

The solutions provided by Digital Devices added new levels of performance and the added infrastructure provided more internet bandwidth and additional data storage space. The university researchers and students were able to access the centralized server without any problems. Moreover, they could access the network from campus and also from their home using remote access.

About Digital Devices:

Digital Devices specialize in procurement of IT equipment, IT security, Data backup and continuity, data virtualization, networking, cabling and network scalability consulting. We have performed various server installations over the years and have gained trust of our prestigious clients.

We possess extensive technical knowledge and expertise in deployment, migration and supporting server solutions. We’re extremely proud of our high end customer portfolio and we have served clients in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East South America and Africa.