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Post-warranty & EOSL


Digital Devices Ltd. can assist you with various maintenance and support options ranging from a 24/7 support for critical equipment by either the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or third party authorized service providers. In certain situations, Digital Devices Ltd can help provide warranty extensions on equipment such as servers, storage, and networking equipment even after the manufacturer has ended the support on the equipment. Third party maintenance enables companies to extend the life of their hardware while reducing their total cost of ownership.

On average, Digital Devices Ltd. can help clients save upwards of 50% on their OEM warranty costs while maintaining the same level of service expertise. Digital Devices Ltd. offers competitive prices, flexible service level agreements, and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that impeccable service is always delivered.

Some of the vendors that we provide third party maintenance services for are;

  • DELL
  • IBM Lenovo
  • Cisco
  • EMC