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How We Work


Our Process

1. Consultation & Analysis

Digital Devices Ltd. starts the process by forming the right team and meeting the client to understand project requirements and its potential impact on the business. These factors and considerations are then assessed and analyzed to establish the project scope.

2. Project Scope

The Digital Devices Ltd. team then establishes the project's scope by setting and explaining boundaries of the project, assigning responsibilities to each team member and setting up a system for how work will be verified when it is finished. Key factors such as project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and deadlines are considered before beginning work on the project.

3. Solution Architecture

This is a key stage in the process and Digital Devices Ltd. takes into consideration the variables involved and how to balance these in order to achieve optimised results. The key variables range from functionalities to cost and scalability. Our process visualization helps understand the dynamics involved.

4. Implementation

Digital Devices Ltd. deployment team takes over at this stage to understand the physical limitations and challenges of the task at hand. Once again, our team follows a dependable methodology to ensure all factors are taken into consideration and to ensure minimal down time for the customer.

5. Delivery & Testing

Once the implementation phase is complete, our sign off team tests the equipment and confirm all functionalities are incorporated. Last minute details are fine-tuned and the project delivery is completed.

6. Post-Sales Support

Our post-sales support teams are available 24/7 to troubleshoot and provide assistance as required. Our expert team members are well versed with troubleshooting and providing the necessary assistance.