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At Digital Devices Ltd, we realize that there are many operations and projects that occur within a data center. While most of these activities are considered normal day-to-day operations, other things like hardware installations, equipment moves, application implementations and optimizations can disrupt the normal flow.

Consultation and Professional Services Methodology


Digital Devices, Ltd. offers seamless delivery and implementation of services with our core focus being on minimizing disruptions on the routine operations of the organization.

Data Centre Services

Our data center service allows companies to focus on strategy based aspects of the operation. Our teams augment daily operations to allow IT departments to keep up with changes in technology and processes that allow them to offer services which are pertinent to their business demands.

  • Data centre migrations, relocations and upgrades
  • Hardware and software deployments
  • Virtualization
  • Installations, additions and changes.
  • Asset wiping and disposal
  • Project management
  • End User Technologies
  • Collaborative implementations
  • Cloud Services
  • Operations Efficiency

Why IT Professional Services?

Digital Devices Ltd. understands the complexities, risks, and benefits associated with operating a successful Information Technology group. Our methodology is to work in collaboration with our clients to augment operations for those tasks and times when a specific expertise is necessary. We offer services that allow companies to focus on strategy and day to day operations. Our professional services team offers both fixed fee as well as time and materials based projects to offset staff and technology gaps to meet the organization, user and business demands.

Our specialized services benefit to you:

  • Data Centre IT Specialists fill the technology gap within current team in an on demand model.
  • Control and reduce deployment time.
  • Eliminate the need to train employees on one off tasks
  • Allow businesses to remain concentrated on strategy and operational efficiency.
  • Provide experts and resource on demand.
  • Eliminate project management responsibility while adding accountability to end user.