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Our Team


Our professional and trained staff ensures that we do whatever we can to handle our clients' needs. We concentrate on our client’s situations and provide solutions that are suitable, efficient and effective to resolve the problem.

Our customer service representatives are talented, friendly and easy to work with. We use the latest hardware and software applications to perform our services with maximum efficacy, allowing for time to focus on client needs.

At Digital Devices Ltd. we have formed key partnerships with some of the world's largest technology manufacturers. Our staff is periodically trained on the latest industry trends and technologies so we can offer the right technology solutions to fit the ever evolving needs of the industry.

Our Dedicated Team

Shameela Sheikh


Kash Javed

Head of Europe

Ali Butt

Account Manager

Harun Rasheed

Account Manager

Chintan Patel

Operation Manager

Faraz Ahmed

Marketing Manager

Peppy De Melo

Personal Assistant