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Certified Professional Assistance


Getting advice from a seasoned team of procurement specialists can help you streamline your technology purchasing process and can deliver cost savings in a hassle free manner. From a single laptop to an entire network, we can handle every aspect of the procurement process, saving you time and money. Rest assure that our consultants leave no stone unturned to avail you the best price for the technology that your business needs.

Our Professional Services include Solution Designing, Installation, Configuration, Implementation, Support and Consultation. We can handle complex configurations from design phase to all the way through till implementation.

To help you deploy immediately, we not only test the components, but fully assemble, configure and test the chassis according to your specific requirements.

Not sure that the solution you have in mind will work in practice? That’s where the essence of our certified professionals comes into action; over the years, we have been able to gather and retain topnotch industry professionals with accredited certifications. Right now, we have engineers with CCNA and CCIE accreditations.

Try our Consultative Services

We offer full range of IT consulting services to help architect, configure and deploy any SME environment for optimal performance. We access your existing architecture and design your expansion with performance and security in mind. Our experts can design using the latest hardware products, or a combination of legacy equipment that can provide the required functionality at a fraction of the cost, or a hybrid cloud solution that is flexible and can help you grow as your needs change.

Assess your current network architecture and performance Design your next network expansion, or upgrade. Our network experts can design using the latest products or can recommend more cost-effective legacy products that provide the required functionality at a fraction of the cost as compared to new units. Giving you the liberty to choose without monetary pressures.

We currently provide Installation and Configuration for

Select the product you want to buy. Estimate shipping cost to your destination. Check out through our payment gateway. That’s it – You are done. If you get stuck somewhere during the checkout process, or did not receive charge notification from your bank or credit card issuer and want to confirm the status of the order, feel free to talk to us anytime at our Helpline 0800 195 0222 or contact us via Live Chat or Email. We welcome both types of queries, before and after you have placed an order with us.

  • MS Azure and Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Data & Voice Solutions
  • Security Measure
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Large Routers and/or Switches Install & Configuration
  • Optical Gear Management
  • MPLS Configuration & Troubleshooting

For further information please Email us or call at +44 (0) 207 9934783 to discuss your specific requirements.