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Hardware And Software Procurement


Getting advice from a seasoned team of procurement specialists can help you streamline your Technology Purchasing process and can deliver valuable cost savings in a trouble-free manner. From a single laptop to an entire network, we can handle every aspect of the procurement process, saving you both time and money. Be assured that our consultants leave no stone unturned to avail you the best price for the technology that your business needs.

Here at DDL, we do not try to shoehorn your business by tailoring your needs according to specific set of solutions rather; we go ahead, listen to your needs and formulate Bill of Quantity in terms of

  • Brand specific BOQs - typically in case of user requirements
  • Solution Specific BOQs – we do not follow a specific brand rather go for best solution irrespective of cost and other associated
  • variables, yet providing the best possible quality
  • Budgeted BOQs – solutions are tailored keeping in mind the allocated budget.

Benefits: Below are some of key benefits that you can enjoy by allowing us handle your software and hardware procurements needs.

Know what you really need -No surplus, No junk Massive cost savings that you won’t get by yourself
The analysis of your current and future needs is the starting point of any procurement plan. Should you purchase all your technology now, or should you spread the costs over a period of time to grow with your business? Our consultants will provide you with a plan of action and recommendations for optimum efficiency. Years of professional service have afforded us many excellent supplier relationships that could provide additional savings not available to our clients. Understanding your business needs, the technologies that match them, and remaining alert to advances in the sector, means that expensive mistakes are avoided and the best decisions are made for the long term.
Save yourself valuable time and focus on what you do the best Avoid costly mistakes
Our consultants have an excellent appreciation of the IT market, which will save you time researching your technology needs. Once the procurement plan has been approved and your needs have been established, we will use our industry contacts to source them at the best possible price. The procurement plan provides a blueprint for the purchasing process, avoiding any expensive surprises. With an industry-savvy consultant sourcing your needs, you can be assured of the best purchases for the least outlay and, as all hardware and software is fully tested and supported by us, you can be confident that we will only select the best hardware for your procurement investment.

We specialize in the sourcing of all sorts of IT hardware and software (including licenses) in accordance with your desired specifications.


  • Software Procurement : We supply software from only reputable vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec, Computer Associates, Adobe, Macromedia, Network Associates, Trendmicro, Veritas, etc… Making the most of your software investments can be a monumental task, but DDL License Management Service offers cost-saving solutions.
  • Hardware Procurement : DDL supplies desktop computers, notebooks, servers, printers, network equipment, and firewall products from a large array of brands such as; Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Cisco, Linksys, Acer, Netgear, Asus, Zyxel, IBM, Samsung, LG, Epson, Canon or any other manufacturer available.
  • Hardware Maintenance Procurement : DDL Service professionals complement their proven expertise with state-of-the-art tools to monitor and control your desktop and server software assets, cut software-related expenses, and help you remain compliant.
  • Trade UP of your IT Assets : buying new equipment is a straight forward option for the IT Managers but it does not provide the savings a company can get by trading up its old/used IT parts to get new one instead – resulting massively cutting down its next IT bill.
  • IT Gear Trade Up : You can trade up your existing (old/used) or surplus IT assets to get new ones? – This can significantly help minimizing your next IT bill while providing a hassle-free and valuable way of disposing off your unwanted IT parts.
  • Software License Compliance Consulting : Software licensing can be sometimes complicated. Based on an assessment of your business needs our software procurement specialists will recommend the most cost effective and legal way to meet your requirements enabling you to maximize the return on your software investment.


Our data-driven software and hardware procurement methodology ensures consistent outcomes at each DDL client. Our tools, templates and processes have been honed over the course of 1000s of software and hardware procurement engagements conducted over 20+ years. Our IT asset management and software license compliance methodologies are tool agnostic allowing us to take an unbiased view of your total landscape and help examine how to protect what investments you’ve already made, and advise you on how to move forward. Our methodology provides the structure for efficient engagements with consistent outcomes while allowing for the flexibility needed to accommodate each individual client’s situation and preferred approach.