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How To Buy


Step 1 :

In the text box located at the top right corner of the site, simply enter manufacturer's code for the product you want to buy and it will fetch your desired product.


Navigate towards the product you are looking for from the 'Browse by Categories' option given on the left side panel or the top navigation menu.

Step 2 :

Make sure you have selected the right product – It is for your own piece of mind

We highly recommend this to save you costly hassle of sending a wrong item back and waiting for the right one to arrive and repaying the courier charges. (happens if you did not select the right product you want – we send the product again and pay for the courier if there is an issue with the product, basically if our fault) If you are not sure, what exactly you are looking for, please speak to one of our representatives via LIVE Chat, or Phone or Email.

Step 3 :

Follow these simple steps to shop on our website.

Select the product you want to buy. Estimate shipping cost to your destination. Check out through our payment gateway. That’s it – You are done. If you get stuck somewhere during the checkout process, or did not receive charge notification from your bank or credit card issuer and want to confirm the status of the order, feel free to talk to us anytime at our Helpline 0800 195 0222 or contact us via Live Chat or Email. We welcome both types of queries, before and after you have placed an order with us.

Step 4 :

Track and Receive Your Package.

Once, we receive your order, we notify you that we have received it and inform you a realistic time by which we will put all your order contents in place and ship out. By the time, we hand-over your package to the selected courier, we again contact you via your desired method of communication (Phone/email) and provide you a courier-issue tracking number which you can use to see the current location of your package. Once you receive your order, please inform us if everything is okay. We wish you a safe and happy buying with us.